Day 1/ 30 meditation challenge

Hey guys, I just completed my meditation day 1 out of 30 days challenge and want to share my thoughts about it. I usually use petit bambou but today I used “let’s meditate” app after researching on the play store about it. I ended up doing it for 30 minutes. I started off with two…… Continue reading Day 1/ 30 meditation challenge

30 day meditation challenge

So guys, I have recently started practicing meditation to keep my thoughts from getting astray, to be in better control of my emotions and yada yada. While I enjoyed it on few days, I’m certainly guilty of taking long lapses in between. My session lasts around 10 minutes each . I usually do 2 sessions.…… Continue reading 30 day meditation challenge

Split ends, no more.

How wonderful it feels when I see my hair growing so long and I can’t wait to try out a bunch of hairstyles.But I notice split ends and all the happiness of having long hair turns into agony. Split ends are one of the main reason which hinder the goal of long hairs as split…… Continue reading Split ends, no more.

What it felt like

A very peculiar thing happened today. I was doing one of my daily chores when a lady who works nearby complimented me for my accessories. I am a huge fan of accessories and ornaments and definitely adore it but seeing the way the lady asked me I could see a longing in her eyes for…… Continue reading What it felt like